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Bath Buddy for Dogs

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Does your doggy also hate bath time? It can be an absolute struggle keeping them still. But now we have the solution for you!


This simple, yet revolutionary product will make bath time enjoyable for you AND your dog!

MAKE BATHING EASIER — Make bath time enjoyable for you and your dog. Use for large or small dogs and washes easily. Made of silicone material which is durable and pet-friendly.

PROVEN & TESTED — If bathing your dog is a struggle, Pet Buddy can help save time and hassle. Thousands of pet owners consider Pet Buddy as their go-to bath time aid.

EASY TO USE — Simply put any spreadable pet-friendly food like peanut butter onto Pet Buddy then stick it to your tub or shower wall. Your pup gets to enjoy a tasty snack while he or she gets a bath!

POWERFUL SUCTION — Large suction allows the Bath Buddy to stick onto any flat and shiny surface such as tile, porcelain, granite or glass. Made of 100% silicone and will not leave behind any residue.


  • You can put some butter in the claw to keep your pet quiet in the bath, distract their attention, calm all sorts of fears and anxieties, and effortlessly give a bath to your doggy!
  • The silicone material is more durable and convenient to clean at the same time, and the cute design accords with dog's naughty temperament.
  • With high-quality and environment-friendly material, this bath buddy is durable and not easy to damage, and it is non-toxic and harmless for pets.

Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping