Childrens Toy Walkie Talkie Watches

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Only the coolest Walky-Talky survival Wristwatches for your children?


If only they made these when we were kids... A pair of children's survival themed wristwatches that actually have great working Walky-Talky's built right in!  Come on... You know they're cool.  Just make sure you're really ordering them for your children and not for you ; )





  • Seven Function: 1. Walkie-Talkie 2. Watch 3. Magnifying Lens 4. As a night light 5. Secret Capsules 6. Compass 7. Reflector

  • Features camouflage watch and Headset

  • Slide power on/off and game switch

  • Walkie Talkie Range: 100 meters

  • Color: Green

Package Content:

  • 1 X 2PC Children Toy Walkie Talkie Watch


Global Free Shipping

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