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Kitchen Food Vacuum Sealer

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Never Eat Freezer Burned Food Again & Reduce Food Waste

MULTIFUNCTIONAL VACUUM SEALER- Preserve the taste and quality of fresh fruits, nuts, meat, sweets, and vegetables, and reduce spoilage and food waste.

Cooking and meal preparation will be easier than ever before, and you will be able to equip and organize your freezer to get fresh food faster and avoid disappointing freezer burned food.

SAVE MONEY/SAVE TIME- This vacuum sealer machine can seal food by quickly draining the air around the food, helping to preserve most meats, fruits, vegetables and herbs for weeks in the refrigerator or months in the freezer and reducing spoilage and food waste.

SEALING AND VACUUM SEALER FUNCTION- The vacuum sealer is easy to use with one-button operation.

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN- Sealing and Vacuum Sealer functions can be operated separately. The dual-purpose button vacuums out air and creates a strong heated seal, and it stops automatically once the food is airtight and ready for storage.

Vacuum sealing speed is 5-8 seconds. The sealed spot will cool quickly after using the machine and will not give off a burnt smell.


Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping