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Mini VR Box 2.0 3d Virtual Reality goggles for 4.3-6.0 inch smartphones

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Black Z4 w/Remote
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White Z4 w/remote

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Do you have a smartphone?  Then you can experience the world of virtual reality.  

This amazing VR goggle-set with a crystal clear built in audio headset works with any phone, with any VR service.  

Have you seen what YouTube has to offer in VR? 

Just navigate to your VR experience, bluetooth connect your VR goggles,  and you're ready to experience an entire world out there being built for your entertainment.



Type: Binocular
Ports: None
Compatible Device: Smartphones
Viewing Experience: Immersive
Camera: No
Base Stations: No
Gesture Recognition: No
3D Glasses Type: Polarized
Compatible phone size: 4.3-6.0 inch Smartphones
competiable phone: Android IOS phone




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