Smart Electric Mask

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Thanks to the built in fan, this Smart Electric Face Mask keeps you protected without causing breathing problems. You’ll breathe easier, as if there was nothing on your face. And the fan will get rid of any air building up inside, keeping the air fresher.
  • Cleaner Air - Our respirator is designed to help you breathe in cleaner, safer air. Purification rate: >97%
  • Made for Comfort - The ergonomic, anti-slip design makes it comfortable to wear, with no pressure on the skin. It’s made with soft silicone, so it adjusts a bit to your face. It’s not too stiff while you’re wearing it.
  • Intelligent Purification System- The micro-motor actively sends air through and filters it according to fluid mechanics. The large air volume effectively guarantees easier breathing and solves the shortcomings of conventional face covers.


  • Product charging voltage is 5v
  • Charging current is 0.5C

Note: When charging the product, please use the power adapter (5v, 1A) with composite safety standards for charging.

Replacement Filters can be purchased here:


Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping