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Mini USB Vacuum

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Crumbs all over the keyboard and the desk is the consequence of enjoying snacks while working.

But now you can better enjoy your snack knowing you got a little helper there that will clean the crumbs and the dust so you focus on your work.

The little helper's name is USB Vacuum. It is so convenient to have one in the

This is perfect for your laptop, printer, camera, and other electronic equipment, meaning it's ideal for your desk at work, home office or just to have on you.

Small enough to keep on you without getting in the way, it's also easy to use! Simply plug it into your computer USB port and get cleaning.



  • The mini size is easy to clean the dirt at the corner of the keyboard
  • It is also designed for vacuuming heavier dirt and dust
  • Simply connect the vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or computer
  • It can keep your keyboard clean with this portable vacuum cleaner
  • This keyboard vacuum cleaner can be plugged straight into USB port without requiring an external power source
  • It is great for the keyboard, printer, camera equipment, audio-visual equipment and office electronic equipment

Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping