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Request a Return

*Some products do not require a return shipping label or return request in order to be returned. If you are returning a Needle Threader, Swift Needle or Webcam Cover, you do not need to submit a return request. You can send the items back to us in a standard letter envelope with your name and order number included. The return address is 5700 Crooks Rd. Ste 112, Troy MI 48098

If you'd like to cancel your VIP membership with your return, please include a note or select the VIP Coupon Club in the return process in addition to the product.

For all other products, please follow the steps below to request a return:

1. You must have an account registered to the email address used at the time of purchase in order to request a return. Please click the link below to continue: 

Log it with a one-time code. We will send you an email with a code to log in. You must use the email address that was used at the time of purchase.

2. Choose the order that you would like to submit a return request for. 

3. Select your return reason and add a note if applicable. 

4. Click request return.

Note: If your request is approved, we will send you a pre paid return shipping label to send the order back. If your request is denied, you will receive an email indicating why your request is denied. If you are unsure if your order will meet our return criteria, please view our return policy here