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Leather Repair Gel

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The gel can be used to repair damage to all types and colors of leather, and can also be used on any leather item, from furniture and car seats to jackets, accessories, and shoes. 

Fix scratches, rips, and burn holes cracks, with one easy solution!

  • Affordable, professional results
  • Save your expensive furniture for longer!
  • Bring your leather back to life!


  1. Clean the area and apply a layer of repair gel evenly over the damaged area.
  2. Leave the layer to dry or use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.
  3. Apply more layers as needed until the gel is flush with the surface
  4. Done
Amount needed:
20ML = alteration, repairing minor wear on a small area
100ML (recommended) = armchairs, car seats, repair several medium-sized areas damaged
200ML=When the sofa or the whole car interior is quite damaged.

Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping