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The Auto Feeder or Waterer Pet Dispenser Bowl

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This single feeder set comes with a water or food dispenser and a bowl attachment. Load the tank with small breed dog food or small cat food, or with water and watch as it refills itself with each use.

The included tank is about 350ml in size, enough for most small dogs or cats throughout the day. Fill it up and enjoy knowing that your pet has food or water during the day. The dispenser is red or blue in color and relies on gravity to dispense more food or water after each use. The bowl is approximately 22cm x 10 cm by 5cm in size and is made of rugged molded plastic.

Set this in your kitchen or in your pet kennel and provide your pet with long-term food and water. It features a removable top for easy refilling, and has an easy-clean design making maintenance quick and easy in-between uses.

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