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Film & Slide Scanner

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The All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner image digitizer scans and converts your old memories into sharp, vibrant digital images in JPEG format. Images are saved to the internal memory or an optional SD card. These can then be viewed on your computer or other device, or printed out as regular photos. Once scanning is complete, the built-in 2.4-inch color LCD screen will display your image.

A clever piece of software allows you to flip & mirror the scanned image around by pressing a few buttons. This helps compensate for user error during scanning, and also adds some flexibility with image conversion. In addition, you can also adjust scanning resolution, brightness and coloration in the easy-to-navigate Capture menu.

Scans & Digitise 35mm Slides & Negatives, 110, 126 KPK, and Super 8 Slides & Negative Included Speed Loaders Means No Reload for Each Slide/Negative Built-In Software Interpolation Can Improve Quality to 22 Megapixels No Computer Required; Saves to Internal Memory or Optional Memory Card Video Out for TV Connection (Cable Included); Mac & PC Compatible

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