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Fly Trap

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Catching- This fly trap baits flies to the machine and traps them inside as they try to feast on their snack. You do not have to use the bait included. You can use honey, vinegar, sugar or food crumbs. After catching the flies, you can either take the machine outside and open it to release them, or take the top pieces off to reveal the filter and pour water in the middle to kill the flies and clean the machine.

Various uses- Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, camping, outdoors, etc.

Safe to use: Does not use harmful chemicals or strong scents to attract and kill insects like other household fly traps.

Note: This product is not waterproof and uses a USB cord to plug in. Do not use large food pieces as they may get stuck in the rotating piece and break the machine. 


Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping