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Portable Air Quality Monitor

  • $69.99
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Is there enough airflow in your home or office to prevent COVID-19 transmission?

This portable CO2 monitor will alert you when there is too much stale air in your space. If your number is higher than 800, you should immediately open some windows.

Guidance from Specialists
“At these lower costs, CO2 monitors are just terrific for helping to understand the amount of outdoor air you're getting in,” according to an interview with Joseph Allen, director of Harvard University's Healthy Buildings Program. “You want to see numbers down at about 800 parts per million of CO2.”

  • Rapid Sampling (1.5 seconds)
  • Accurate Infrared Detection (NDIR)
  • Long-Lasting Battery (lithium ion)
  • Easy Charging (Micro USB)

Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping