USB Wall Socket Plug 4.8A High Speed Wall Outlet

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As we find Electricity moving more and more to USB we are finding we need more and more plugs for USB.  Then you can never find the converters or waiting for someone else to finsish with the USB charger.  Well No need to worry about that anymore.  In five easy steps you can have more USB ports in your home or office.

1.  Turn off power

2. unscrew old plug

3. move the wires to your new USB plug

4. screw your new plug back into the wall

5. turn the power back on

or Call your electrician

Rated Current: 15A
Grounding: Non-Grounding
Application: Residential / General-Purpose
Standard: USB Wall Socket
Shape: Square
Features: With USB Ports
Rated volatge:: 110-125V
USB output: 4.8A
Material: PC plastic
Size: 116x70x44mm
Color: white

Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping