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Wifi 3D Holographic Projector

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3D Holographic Display LED Fan Features:

LED Fan Holographic Imaging: The use of POV principles, high-density LED rotating imaging to present a 3D visual display device to form graphics, animation or video.
Imaging Clear: Support for the formation of images, animations or video images without borders and background, the audience feels like floating in the air. Novelty, attractive high-tech holographic imaging, very attractive.

3D Holographic LED Fans are the latest and most appealing advertising 3D displays for shopping centers, clothing stores, restaurants, museums, jewelry stores and many others.

3D Holographic imaging high-tech, very attractive to consumers, can give a deep impression.

Type : LED advertising light
Light source type : LED
Light source power: 15 (W)
Voltage: 100-220 (V)
Dimensions : 435*120*125(mm)

Package Included:
1 x Automatic roll in motion ball


Global Free Shipping

Global Free Shipping